What is the best loan option for my profile?

Currently, the process for acquiring a loan has become much simpler and more practical. The emergence offintechs, such as oriented credit, has made it possible for service conditions to be better, and it is possible to find the one that best matches what you need at the moment, with lower interest rates, more flexible rates and terms.

Borrowing from traditional banks has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, it is already possible to do everything over the internet, safely, without bureaucracy and with conditions that fit in your pocket.

It is necessary to know that there are several types of loan and each modality changes according to your need. Therefore, we have separated for you the main loan options to help you choose the one that best matches your profile.

Business loan

Business loan

This type of loan is ideal for those who want to open their own business and for those who already own a company. It is possible to use the loan to improve your business or to acquire working capital (money used to keep the company running, such as payment of salaries, maintenance of the property, electricity, among others).

Thus, before applying for a loan it is important to know what your main need is, for example, to increase your space with a renovation, to acquire stock, to obtain working capital, among others. After delimiting this, it is time to research which oriented credit company offers the best terms.

Understand the amount of the loan needed, look for lower rates and interest and also where there is less red tape, so you will be spared from possible stress.

Choose the right credit line according to the size of your business. Take all the doubts and analyze the proposals and your finances well before making the request.

Personal loan

Personal loan

We know that sometimes it is normal for the accounts to become unstable and for the financial situation to become complicated. At such times, a loan can help you pay off debts, invest in something or even refinance something.

Thus, a good option is the oriented loan since in this type of service the interest rates are lower and the payment term is longer than in the conventional bank loan. In addition, some credit oriented companies, offer a financial diagnosis, with which it is possible to understand the best type of loan for your situation.

Secured loan

Secured loan

One of the best loan options, both personal and business, is the one with secured property or vehicle. Many credit oriented companies offer this option and everything can be done online, without bureaucracy and, best of all, credit is usually released quickly.

In short, the secured loan involves using a property (residential or commercial) or a paid vehicle as collateral in the loan process.

That is, there are several loan possibilities according to each need. First, evaluate your profile, if you need a business or personal loan, then make a simulation and a financial diagnosis and with the help of your credit oriented company choose the one that suits you best and that fits in your pocket!

Make a loan simulation and count on us!

Credit Marketplace: 5 reasons for you to know right now!

Having to go to the banks to apply for a loan for your company is not an easy task, right? There are many demands, bureaucracies and high costs that discourage any entrepreneur, but have you heard of the credit marketplace? Well, this is a very interesting alternative for you to get credit for your business.

We know that, in most cases, if the entrepreneur uses a loan, it means that he needs help to solve a financial problem. Because of this, these platforms were created with the aim of making life easier for the entrepreneur, providing him with credit fast, safe and without bureaucracy.

Want to know how the credit marketplace works? Then continue reading this article until the end, as we will show you what are its main advantages. Check-out!

What is the credit marketplace?

What is the credit marketplace?

You may have heard of the more traditional marketplaces, right? Those who sell clothes, shoes, furniture and everything you can imagine, right? The credit marketplace works in the same way, but instead of selling products, it makes credit available to entrepreneurs looking for a loan.

Through it, the entrepreneur is able to access his credit more quickly and effectively, ensuring the financial security of his company, as he will not need to undergo a long credit analysis – which in traditional banks usually takes days to be approved.

That way, you can solve your problem once and for all, without jeopardizing the good development of your business.

What is it for and how does it work?

What is it for and how does it work?

In short, the credit marketplace aims to connect companies that want to grow with investors who want to legend. By removing the complexity of dealing with other creditors, organizations can access finance in less than fifteen days and investors have the potential to earn better returns by lending to them.

To make the loan, you need to register your company and then apply for credit. On some platforms, approval is published on the marketplace.

That done, investors analyze the situation of your business and decide whether or not to lend the money to you. When the amount reaches 100% of the requested funding, the money is deposited in the company’s account. Finally, the entrepreneur pays the monthly installments of the loan according to the agreed terms and fees. The investor, on the other hand, receives his monthly payments according to the combined profitability.

What needs does it meet and what are its differentials?

What needs does it meet and what are its differentials?

Although the credit marketplace is still gaining momentum in the country, it is important to understand what they offer and what their differentials are in order not to be dependent on banks. Platforms usually offer the following alternatives:

  • credit for micro, small, medium and large companies;
  • anticipation of receivables;
  • factoring credit;
  • excellent investment opportunities;
  • insurance, credit card and other financial services.

For what reasons do you need to meet him?

Below, we list the main reasons why you need to know the credit marketplace. At this point, we chose to use the platform as an example, in order to make it as clear as possible how a marketplace can benefit your business. Follow!

1. Enables simulations

The simulation is important for you to understand what will be charged when paying the loan. To do it is very simple: just find the button “do a simulation” and choose the type of concession you would like to make, enter the amount you want to finance, choose the amount of installments and inform how much your company has invoiced in the last few 12 months.

Once this is done, the simulator will provide the value of the installments and what will be the percentages of the effective and interest rates.

2. Help you choose credit

As the marketplace offers the opportunity to the entrepreneur to simulate his loan, consequently, the platform facilitates decision making, making the choice of credit to be made consciously, without compromising the company’s budget.

As you can see, the goal of the marketplace will always be to help companies, not to incite the entrepreneur to pay for a commitment that could harm him in the future.

3. Fairer rates

Another objective of the credit marketplace is to offer its customers lower costs and great opportunities to leverage business. With that in mind, they offer fairer rates when compared to traditional banks, making the alternatives much more attractive for those who need to take out a loan.

If you are still unsure about this issue, make a comparison. Through it, it will be possible to see how beneficial it will be for a company to apply for a loan in a marketplace.

4. Access to credit made easy

As we mentioned, in a credit marketplace it is investors who lend money to companies, so that they can improve their development. Thus, the bank’s participation no longer makes sense, and therefore, access to credit is facilitated, as the entire bureaucratic process is reduced, providing the entrepreneur with greater convenience when making his request.

Since it is not necessary for him to go to an institution, just access the platform to complete his final objective.

5. Transparency

Transparency is an indispensable feature in any negotiation, which is why the credit marketplace prioritizes it, as they need to earn the trust of their customers to enable them to raise funds.

In this sense, it is always important, when accessing the platform, to look for social evidence, that is, testimonials from customers who have already had experience with the tool. In addition, it is necessary that the processes are clear, in order not to give the person a chance to have two interpretations of the guidelines.

What care should be taken?

The most important thing before choosing the credit marketplace is to know the company’s reputation. Therefore, it needs to be transparent and always think about the user’s experience, offering him clear and objective information, in addition to being available to answer any doubts that will surely arise during the process.

The credit marketplace has revolutionized the financial market, not only because of the technology it offers, but also because it offers new opportunities to its customers so that it is possible to leverage business and improve the quality of life.

If this is what you are looking for for your business, contact us to learn more about the features of our platform.

Why is targeted loan the best option?

Do you want to take out a loan and have not been able to get it from traditional banks and financial institutions? This is the time to get to know the companies that make loan oriented. They are usually simpler, have an online platform and have customized credit options for different types of customers. Oriented loan companies work with personal and business loans, and most importantly, interest rates are lower than on bank services, and rates and terms are flexible.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

It is common to become unstable at specific times, and unfortunately, banks may close their doors for you when that happens. If you need to pay off some debts, refinance some assets or want to invest in something personal, targeted loan is the best option. 

Oriented credit companies are looking for simple solutions, with lower rates and installments different from conventional banks. The ideal is that you make a financial diagnosis and discover the best way to get your loan, with a guarantee of some asset or without guarantee, for example.

Loan for your company

Loan for your company

If you want to get a loan to increase your company’s working capital, a targeted loan is also the right option. In addition to presenting different loan terms, the credit company will present correct ways to invest the money so that your business grows.

In this case, these institutes usually only make loans with collateral for individuals, but always with guidelines, and with interest and terms different from traditional banks.

How to choose?

Loan for your company

A platform that works with different lending solutions for individuals, loans for legal entities and financial diagnosis. The company fits into all the categories mentioned and have different solutions for each profile.

To simulate and hire the targeted loan you don’t even need to leave the house. The process can be done online, through the website. Just fill in what is requested step by step, according to your profile and your needs, or the needs of your business. In a short time, the consultants will give you feedback.

Small loan with immediate payment

For a small wish or, for example, a major repair, a small loan with an immediate payment is obvious at first glance, since it does not have to save big. This means that the money can simply be used to make a necessary and, above all, urgent purchase.

The peculiarity of the small loan with immediate disbursement is the immediate disbursement, which precludes a complex application process. And with the right security, it doesn’t have to be expensive. After all, the small loan is not intended to buy a house, but only a kitchen or new washing machines, TVs and so on.

Advantages through quick processing

Advantages through quick processing

Online lending is the magic word nowadays, because where no expensive branch networks have to be maintained, consumers can count on low prices. In the case of loans, these are the interest rates that are lower. and due to the small sum of the obligations, a default is also unlikely. A further discount on interest will then already be noticeable.

And with the instant disbursement of these loans, the purchase is simple and straightforward, even for the most urgent reasons. However, all required documents and evidence should already be available. So you don’t have to search for a long time and the small loan with immediate payment can be granted.

Flexible repayment or fixed repayment schedule

Flexible repayment or fixed repayment schedule

The online lenders are very often ready to make cheap or even free special payments, so that the loan amount can also be repaid unscheduled. But no matter how you decide, interest will accrue and are therefore the price for the immediate availability of the urgently needed capital. Who wants to sit on their debts forever? It is therefore advisable to replace an old loan with unreasonably high interest rates with a smaller one with a better interest rate and other conditions.

For this debt rescheduling, you should speak to a professional, since not every repayment plan can work with every type of loan. In any case, the quick availability of a small loan with immediate disbursement is the special factor that makes the necessary investments, repairs or new purchases affordable for everyone in every situation.

Reasons for a small loan with immediate payout

Reasons for a small loan with immediate payout

There are two reasons for this form of loan: Firstly, the comparatively small amount of the loan enables donors to insist on less collateral and the immediate disbursement can thus be used to finance really urgent matters. After accidents or damage to property, insurance money cannot always be expected immediately, but good advice is expensive if clothing or a vehicle needs to be replaced.