“Whether you call that a crisis or a serious problem or whatever, it’s something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.” In Kentucky, 754,480 beneficiaries received Social Security checks averaging $751 per month, in 2003, the most recent year for which statistics were available. In Ohio, 1.9 million people received monthly Social Security checks totaling $1.7 billion that year. Few details of President Bush’s plan have been made public, but he has said younger workers should be given “ownership” in their retirement savings and be allowed to invest 2 to 4 percent of their payroll taxes in personal accounts. The program would be strictly voluntary and apparently would not affect current retirees or those nearing retirement.

The model that Bush has used for the program is the Thrift Savings Plan for government employees, which is similar to a 401(k). The plan does not permit investments in individual stocks, but instead involves low-cost mutual funds that offer a higher rate of return than the existing Social Security program. Social Security would save money in the long run because people would be able to rely more on the investments built up over the years in their personal accounts and less on traditional benefits when they retire, said U.S. Rep. Rob Portman, R-Terrace Park, Ohio. “It’s one of those rare opportunities to improve a fundamental government program so that it works for the 21st Century,” Portman said. Opponents counter that the administrative costs of setting up the program – estimated at $1 trillion to $2 trillion – would drain Social Security of needed funds and could put future benefits in jeopardy.

Ray Kremer, a senior citizens activist from Alexandria, said many of the seniors he talks to oppose the idea of personal accounts because they fear their benefits would be cut – something that the president and other reform advocates insist would not occur. “A lot of the seniors are against it without really knowing the details,” said Kremer, past president of Northern Kentucky Senior Advocates. “They just know that right now they are getting a check, myself included, and they don’t want to change that.”

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Even some Republicans in Congress oppose personal accounts. Northern Kentucky’s newly elected congressman, Rep. Geoff Davis, R-Hebron, spoke out against personal accounts, cuts in benefits and increases in payroll taxes during last year’s campaign. Still, Davis says something must be done to keep the Social Security solvent. “After my stepfather died, the monthly Social Security survivor’s benefit my mother and I received meant we could pay our bills,” he said. “…We need to act now to make Social Security work for our children.”

A Covington attorney pleaded not guilty Monday to charges that he tried to entice a state-paid investigator to pad his fee and give him a kickback. Kenneth Rylee Jr., 37, is charged with two misdemeanor counts of solicitation to commit theft. He was arraigned in Woodford District Court in Versailles. He was ordered to return for a hearing March 28. If convicted, he faces up to a year in jail. Rylee is the attorney for a former Florence man who faces on murder charges in Scott County. David Dress man, 21, had faced a potential death sentence, although Scott Commonwealth Attorney Gordon Shaw recently dropped that demand. Versailles police said the charges originated out of that case. Crime data shows there's been a serious drop in serious crime in Alexandria over the last two years. And the program Police Chief Mike Ward says helped the community achieve that success is now expanding to cities across the state.

Since ages now, the onus to take care after and nurture newborn babies was on the shoulders of mothers. We are accustomed to this trend now and take it as an agreed movement that mothers can take best care of babies and make them happy always. However, the trend is changing slowly as daddies do realize they have to have their warmth and affection felt to the babies too.

It is much to our delight to know that nowadays fathers have also accepted the challenge to let mothers step out and work while their babies turn to teen, and they do the raise at home, as a stay at home daddy.

However, as it is an age old tradition of men moving out to earn bread while women stay home caring for the kids, it is not that easy for the daddies to be able to cope up with the mammoth of the tasks involved to the minutest of them all. Though they would be ready to accept the new paradigm shift in baby care, it may take a while to them to be able to match-up to their counterpart.

One probable solution of this dilemma is having a community led baby-care training centers that give fathers the necessary support, guidance and know-how on how to softly caress and nurture their babies to grow. Such community centers may well have registered nurses and attendants taking care of the babies and also supporting their daddy’s learning curve on baby-care.

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A licensed conveyancer can also search for the best suited property in the locality for setting-up a community baby care centre. He or she also gets the necessary clearances from government and local authorities; can advice on the reasonable price to buy the property through authentic valuations, perform a thorough assessment of the history of the property and more.

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